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Municipalities manage multiple urban networks such as drinking water distribution networks, wastewater disposal networks, multimedia networks, public lighting networks, etc.

Generally speaking, good control of municipal budgets requires the optimisation of network renewal and modernisation strategies and then the optimisation of the portfolio of works in urban areas; this involves avoiding successive works on the same road.

In the area of public lighting, municipalities are faced with a paradigm shift: as the cost of lighting is one of the main items of municipal expenditure, they are seeking to assess the condition of this equipment and then optimise future investment needs.

Understanding and modelling

We design solutions that integrate the complexity, without complication, of your systems, whether it be technical, organisational or skill-based. We develop the asset management modelling and simulation platform: Eqylibr®.

Mobilising and capitalising on expertise

We enhance the expertise of your teams and perpetuate their business knowledge through digital models integrated into customised asset management tools (in the Office® suite for example) or market tools (CMMS, Eqylibr®, etc.).

Advise and transform

We provide transparent advice and create an environment conducive to the evolution of your organisation (change management) by passing on our know-how, making our digital tools available and implementing change management programmes.

Thanks to the integration of Tamdis, a company created by five Swiss distribution network operators, IMDM now has recognised expertise in this field.

For 10 years, we have been supporting distribution network operators in the implementation of their network strategy as well as in regular tasks.

Our Eqylibr tool® assesses the projected short-, medium- and long-term reinvestment needs and on this basis, we optimise your portfolio of construction sites in such a way that maximum synergies are achieved.

In the field of public lighting, the companies IMDM, Navitas Consilium and the HES-SO Valais in Sierre have developed the MAPEC decision support tool (Automated Method for Planning the Lighting of a Municipality); the project was financed by InnoSuisse (Swiss Agency for the Promotion of Innovation). This tool assists municipalities in developing the best strategy for the transformation and modernisation of the public lighting network.

It facilitates the technical and economic analysis of public lighting networks and the identification of intervention priorities. It is thus possible to identify the light points to be renovated, typically because of their obsolescence or the need to bring them into compliance.

The results of the technical simulation are then used to optimise the investments, taking into account the budgetary constraints of the municipalities.

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