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Alliance of business expertise, infrastructure management know-how and digitalization experience.

IMDM – IM as in Infrastructure Management and DM as in Decision Making – is a consultancy firm active in the field of infrastructure management.

We serve owners, managers, maintainers, and operators of infrastructure with high societal stakes, such as passenger and freight transport networks, energy distribution networks and urban utilities.

Our strength lies in:

  • recognised business expertise in the fields of rail and road transport infrastructure, energy distribution, urban public services such as public lighting and water distribution.
  • mastering issues related to the management of infrastructure and asset portfolios in general, such as those inherent in planning processes and team organisation.
  • experience in the digitalisation of infrastructure management, from the design of asset databases to the deployment of short, medium, and long-term planning and decision support tools.

We believe that mastering these three issues is a key factor in the success of modern infrastructure management.

We rely on our team of recognised professionals as well as our own resources in data management and IT application development. We also offer our asset management tool platform “Eqylibr® “, which links the worlds of technology and finance.

Our core competencies

Tomorrow's performance is designed today.

What is the current condition of your asset’s portfolio? Is operating, monitoring, maintaining and renewing your infrastructure getting the most of value from your assets? Are the life cycles optimised? What human, technical and financial resources will be needed in the short, medium and long term to meet network performance objectives? How can resource constraints, whether human, technical or financial, be dealt with in an optimised way?

We conduct audits of the condition and performance of your assets and strategies for developing and maintaining value – balancing network size and profitability, balancing renewal and maintenance expenditure, technology choices, etc.

We assist you in defining and optimising your asset strategies and build scenarios for renewal (CAPEX) and maintenance (OPEX) requirements using our asset management tool platform Eqylibr® .

Our investment prioritisation methods allow you to optimise your maintenance and investment plans, under resource constraints.

We create planning documents (network strategy, investment strategies, maintenance policies, etc.) for your internal teams as well as for your industrial, institutional and financial partners.

In addition to our strategic planning activities, we analyse and optimise industrial maintenance and renewal processes: clustering of worksites, economic optimisation of track intervals, conducting benchmarks, etc.

To date, we have audited more than 300 billion Euros worth of infrastructure.

Prepare your organisation for tomorrow’s challenges.

Are you concerned about the way your organisation manages its infrastructure? Do you feel that the reporting does not support your decisions or communication with your stakeholders? Despite your efforts, the safety and performance of your infrastructure is not improving? In general, would you like to strengthen internal leadership in infrastructure management?

Asset management provides a robust and widely accepted framework for the analysis of industrial asset management, linking the different disciplines needed to run your organisation: demand analysis, decision methods and processes, asset lifecycle realisation, risk management, data asset management, audit and continuous improvement mechanisms, HR policies and corporate culture.

We are specialists in asset management.

The corresponding standards, including the ISO 55’000 standard, are the benchmarks against which we assess the performance of your management system and build, with you, the best path for progress: adjustment of your processes, creation of the corresponding job descriptions and training of professionals in the principles of asset management, implementation of management meetings (asset management reviews, audit and risks, etc.), etc. We also train your future specialists.

Acting in the right way, at the right place, at the right time and under the right conditions are the fundamentals of an infrastructure manager’s efficiency.

Digitalisation of your activities: an unavoidable evolution

Are your partners starting to deploy digital tools for asset management and maintenance management (CMMS)? Do you think that the data you have at your disposal deserves to be improved? Are you surprised at how long it takes to set up performance indicators that you think are simple?

It has never been easier to collect, store and process data: the Internet of Things (IOT) and big data techniques illustrate this. The challenge today is to manage the mass of data, to extract the information needed by the various asset management professions and to make this information available to the organisation. We are working on three levels:

  • Project management assistance in digital transition, so that the strategic orientations in this area meet the needs of your asset management: support in the choice of digital tools, such as CMMS;
  • Processing of your data (ETL – Extract Transform Load) for inventory, maintenance history, renewals, performance, etc.
  • Provision of our range of simulation and decision support tools (Eqylibr® suite); we also offer custom application development through our IT subsidiary.

Your data, methods and decision-making tools belong to your most valuable assets.

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