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Distribution networks are at the heart of the energy transition.

Should we favour “all-electric”, “power to gas“, “gas to hydrogen” or district heating? The European energy system will have to rely on all vectors to ensure its energy transition.

Infrastructure managers need an integrative vision of energy systems to identify and exploit synergies between networks and energy sources.

The integration of renewable energies into electricity networks requires the adaptation of infrastructures and the modernisation of network management principles. The dynamic development of renewable energy production facilities places network operators in the front line, responsible for connecting these facilities and providing short, medium and long-term responses to guarantee the safe and economic operation of the electricity network.

Network infrastructures will therefore have to adapt to cope with these developments while maintaining the same level of quality and security. Investments will be necessary, the volume and costs of which must be optimised.

Understanding and modelling

We design solutions that integrate the complexity, without complication, of your systems, whether it be technical, organisational or skill-based. We help you forecast energy demand and design the electrical networks of the future, using the Neplan® software suite.

Mobilising and capitalising on expertise

We enhance the expertise of your teams and perpetuate their business knowledge through digital models integrated into customised asset management tools (in the Office® suite for example) or market tools (CMMS, Eqylibr®, etc.).

Advise and transform

We provide transparent advice and create an environment conducive to the evolution of your organisation (change management) by passing on our know-how, making our digital tools available and implementing change management programmes.

Thanks to the integration of Tamdis, a company created by five Swiss distribution network operators, IMDM now has recognised expertise in this field.

For the past 10 years, we have been supporting distribution network operators in the implementation of their network strategy as well as in regular tasks such as the calculation of the stamp.

We help our customers to get the most out of the digitalisation of networks. Data from smart meters, load curve measuring devices, energy billing systems or geographic information systems are integrated into digital network simulation tools such as Neplan® .

IMDM provides detailed analyses of distribution networks. Our time series models allow us to create digital twins of consumption points, renewable energy sources, electric cars or heat pumps. In this way we analyse the future behaviour of networks with the help of scenarios.

The network components are then integrated into customised digital asset management tools (e.g. in the Office suite®) or market tools (Eqylibr® , etc.) in such a way as to derive investment trajectories in line with the requirements of the energy transformation.

As an example, we support several distribution network operators in their infrastructure investment strategy, as part of their energy transition: tactics to remove gas pipes, progressive deployment of distance heating, etc.

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